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Diagnoza usług promocyjnych i reklamowych


POLONIA MEDIA HOUSE – HOMEDIA.ORG is a response to the needs of Polish and Polish diaspora entrepreneurs operating or intending to work outside their country and planning to reach the largest possible group of ethnic clients at the lowest cost to carry out the most effective advertising and information campaign there.

The Polish community media and companies operating on many international PR sectors have excellent knowledge and knowledge about the Polish community in their region and country. They know its size, impact on the local environment, wealth, and shopping preferences. They know the ethnic market in terms of distribution channels, information
transfer, sales of goods and services and needs. They understand what products and services have a real chance of succeeding, how to reach local partners and customers effectively. Encourage them how and when.


drogowskaz media

HOMEDIA.ORG is an integrated network of Polish community media: press, information, social and industry portals, television stations, radio stations, and companies. It operates in the field of PR and advertising, which have a daily impact on consumer decisions and the choices of their listeners, viewers, or users – customers.

The HOMEDIA network covers the advertising market on five continents: America (North, Central, South), Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia. We are everywhere, where there is a cluster of Poles (Polonia) in an amount of min. twenty thousand people or where the outlets are beautiful and promising. One should be aware that in many countries, Poles constitute the
most significant national minority and are an influential group of citizens.

Coverage, effectiveness and low costs of media campaigns




We are comprehensively responsible for all elements of advertising campaigns, including building a distribution strategy and planning the campaign schedule.

HOMEDIA’s advantage is global reach, attractive price, and low costs of reaching the target market. Thanks to cooperation and cooperation, we can offer services over regional, nationwide, which is a crucial argument for a large number of advertisers when designing promotional campaigns.

Thanks to this cooperation and knowledge of the local market, we have many means of communication at our disposal, including belong:

  • Integrated media campaigns (press, radio, tv, internet)
  • Directional advertising
  • Dedicated advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Product placement
  • Happening campaigns
  • Ambush marketing, other
  • Events / Media shows

Media campaigns and tailor-made services




Tailor-made media campaigns can build a positive image and position for a company. Even if it is small and young, which cannot afford long-term and costly advertising.

We observe the market, and we sense fashion and needs. We have a wide range of our services that, when properly matched, always create a perfectly tailored offer. Our partners know perfectly well what trends are and what local customers expect.

We offer a rich list of our proposals that take into account the local business culture, mentality, and requirements of the selected market/target country, including:

  • Advertising campaigns in chosen media and countries/scale estimation (range and form)
  • Marketing planning and concepts/campaign model
  • Identification of recipients on ethnic markets and their location/target group
  • Production of advertising spots, sponsored programs, banners, multimedia presentations
  • Support for events abroad (congresses, fairs, exhibitions, shows, performances, press
  • Lecture services, recording studios, graphics, films, advertising spots, musical arrangements, internet portals, design, labels and packaging, and more
  • Mix Marketing
  • Defining creative concept and marketing communication
  • Media planning, strategy, and selection
  • Cost optimization

  • PR agencies
  • internet: online editorial, information services, social media
  • online editorial, information services, social media
  • daily, quarterly, monthly, weekly,
  • radio. TV

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